How I Used Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder For 3 Weeks and Changed My Life – Without Breaking The Bank!

Activated charcoal has all-natural absorbing properties that can eliminate contaminants from your body.

After reading up the Internet for weeks, I decided to add activated charcoal to my routine teeth-cleaning routine for 3 weeks and see what’s the results.

If you use it carefully, cleaning with your finger rather than a tooth brush, activated charcoal can yield good results for really cheap.

Activated charcoal is turning up in face masks, ice cream, tablet capsules, as well as more.

Research has shown that it has natural buildings that allow it to soak up contaminants, and also it’s been asserted to absorb surface spots on teeth to normally lighten smiles and boost dental health and wellness, though the research on this is still undetermined.

I am a big fan of coffee and tea, which can tarnish teeth, so I decided to give activated charcoal a good try. Activated charcoal can be made from materials abundant in carbon, consisting of coconut and also nut coverings, timber, and bones.

I found this well-researched all natural powder here which is really affordable.

Week 1: I found out the proper means to make use of activated charcoal.

I started by adding a small pinch of activated charcoal powder to toothpaste on my toothbrush and also brushing once a day for a week. This was an untidy procedure; the powder is really great and dark.

After one week, I saw some level of sensitivity. I generally do not have delicate teeth, however even drinking an amazing glass of water pain.

I did some research study and also discovered that brushing with triggered charcoal is not the very best method– according to the American Dental Organization, brushing with abrasive scrubs or powders, like turned on charcoal, can cause teeth that show up even more yellow because they wear down the white enamel layer.

I began using the charcoal straight to my teeth and scrubing it around with my finger.

Was it difficult? No. Was it messy? Yes. Did it still work? Yes, although without a brush, it was tougher to get the charcoal out from in between my teeth.

Several swishes of water later on, however, as well as it came loose. So all is good.

Week 2: Points started to get truly unpleasant.

Using a toothbrush harm my teeth, so I brushed with my finger.

I kept using the charcoal straight to my teeth with my finger after brushing. It was super messy and it didn’t feel as reliable as cleaning, however it was definitely easier on my tooth enamel.

Still, doing this daily wasn’t excellent, so by the end of the 2nd week, I chose to cut down and use the charcoal just a couple of days a week.

It did seem like my teeth were accessing the very least a little whiter, specifically in a number of places where years of coffee and tea had done a number on them.

Week 3: I started to truly discover outcomes.

My teeth looked whiter in the third week..

Using the charcoal just a few times a week was working well for me.

My teeth really did not really feel as sensitive as they did when I was brushing with the powder, as well as I needed to tidy up the aftermath only three approximately times.

A pinch is ample, and also if you’re taken into consideration using activated charcoal powder for your teeth, I recommend obtaining a tiny spoon to dip into the powder to minimize the messiness.

By the third week, it seemed that after every use my teeth looked a little brighter. Although activated charcoal can’t change the color of your teeth the means bleaching can, it does appear to help soak up surface area discolorations.

Week 4: I compared my progress pictures, as well as I was amazed.

My teeth looked whiter after four weeks!

Until the end of the 4th week, I had not contrasted my initial picture to the last. Truthfully, I didn’t expect a massive difference. I had observed little modifications throughout the experiment, but I figured that would certainly be completion of it.

I got up on the final day of my experiment, combed my teeth, as well as provided a good massage with the charcoal. I took my final photo in the same area and also with the same lights as the one from the initial day and also put them next to each other.

As you can see, there’s a quite visible distinction. I’m proud of the results, and while I most likely won’t proceed rubbing my teeth with charcoal 3 or four times a week, I’m going to include it to my Sunday skin-care regimen to maintain my teeth-whitening progress going.

Bottom Line…

On the whole, using activated charcoal powder for your teeth is worthwhile, and this is the one that I highly recommend after personally using it for 4 weeks.

After all these experience, I recommend scrubbing it on your teeth with your finger rather than your toothbrush.

This natural powder delicately whitens my teeth, contrasted to a lot more costly methods that generally include chemicals that I can not even start to recognize. This procedure is certainly untidy, yet when performed with care, it most definitely produces results worth bragging about. Amazing!

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