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Choosing Beach Wedding Attire

A beach wedding can be so amazing for both the couple and the wedding guests alike in large part because the setting in which it takes place is so picturesque that it can bring even the most jaded of hearts to tears. With that being said, planning a beach wedding is fairly similar to planning a wedding in another location, but one thing that cannot be forgotten that goes along with the planning is the attire that will be worn for the wedding. Unlike a wedding that takes place in a location like a church or a banquet facility, the attire that is to be worn needs to be considered simply because of the location.

For starters, ladies that want to wear high heels should completely forget that idea completely unless they want broken ankles because it is practically impossible to walk in heels on the beach due to the softness of the sand. Also, if possible, any type of closed-toe shoe should be avoided as well because once sand gets in them, it will be a very difficult situation to fix because once it is dumped out once, more sand will get in again shortly.
In regards to the actual clothing that is appropriate for beach weddings, ladies should stick to light in color, light-weight dresses, because they will be much more comfortable sitting outdoors with the sun beaming down. Men on the other hand should stick with linen suits and avoid traditional suits if possible. Linen is an extremely thin and breathable fabric, making it more comfortable for the environment.

Another thing that couples may want to think about when they are choosing attire, mainly for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, is to pick colors that will complement the sand and the ocean. For most couples, that means turquoise, hot pink, or lime green. Each of those colors really compliments the beach and will make for amazing pictures.

When it comes to what the bride will wear, she probably should skip wearing a princess-type of dress with a long train and other extras because it will likely be uncomfortable to wear because of the heat. Also, long trains and veils will probably get dirty quickly because of the sand, which would not be attractive for pictures. So, a sleek gown would probably be better.
When having a beach wedding, there are no right or wrong things to do because it truly it up to the couples preferences, but, when choosing attire for a beach wedding, it is important to at least consider the attire because it would be unfortunate for a wedding day to turn out less than perfect over something silly like clothing.